The Thinker's Midwife was established by Marelle Rice in 2013 to promote educational skills fit for the 21st Century. 
Marelle has been using philosophical inquiry in her teaching practice since the early naughties and is a SAPERE P4C trainer.  She has led successful Departments in both state and private school sectors and has a wealth of experience in facilitating, planning, training and resourcing the Lipman/Sharp Philosophy with/for Children (P4C) pedagogy across the whole school curriculum at both primary and secondary.  
Marelle is passionate about equipping people with the necessary thinking skills to make the most of the opportunities and challenges life brings.  She has worked with numerous universities including Univerity of East Anglia, Queen's University Belfast, University College Dublin, NUI Galway and Maynooth in both Schools of Education and Philosophy Depatments.  In 2015 was employed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to build on the work and desire of educators in Ireland to bring Philosophy into the Junior Cycle curriculum as a Short Course.  In this curriculum she was able to provide a coherent P4C structure for the traditional view of philosophy as a history of ideas, blending the traditional with a modern pedagogy that is proven to enhance pupils' cognitive abilities and encourage the development of social skills.  
She is one of the founders, and currently the Director of Philosophy Ireland, the P4C Consultant for the Post Development Service for Teachers in Ireland and works extensively across Ireland and the UK supporting and promoting philosophy in education and the community.

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