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Philosophy lessons key to school's SATs success

Telegraph 13 December 2012



Philosophy lessons have played a key role in ensuring a London primary school recorded the best SATs test scores in England for the second year in a row, the school's headmistress claimed today.

Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School in Harrow, north west London, achieved an average points score of 34.1 this year, putting it into the top spot of a league table compiled from the national curriculum test results – known as SATs – of more than 15,000 primaries in England.

Philosophy for eight year-olds: If a pig could talk, should you eat it?

Christopher Middleton 05 Dec 2012

Christopher Middleton visits a school where the pupils are tackling life’s big questions in a philosophy club.

It’s the lunch hour at Vinehall Preparatory School in Sussex, but instead of chasing a ball around the playground, a group of eight- and nine-year-olds are tackling some equally elusive issues in the school theatre.

  In past weeks, the topics have been “If a pig could talk, should you eat it?” and “What’s been of more use to humanity – the wheel or the box?” Today, though, the members of the school’s philosophy club, aka Mind Explorers, are contemplating Invisibility – the Pros and Cons. 

Learning by doing: why we've embraced a practical primary curriculum

 ​Guardian 26 February 2013

 Headteacher Kate McGee explains how her school is using practical activities such as gardening, cooking and filmmaking to teach English, maths, philosophy and beyond.



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