University Taster Courses for Students



We have a selection of academic evening courses and workshops for prospective undergraduates in popular disciplines that would be of value to any Sixth Form students.  Each course has been created to engage and stretch the most able students, and to help them make an informed choice over their academic future, which is more important than ever with increased university fees.  Our University Taster courses are also a means for students to demonstrate a genuine interest in a particular area when writing their personal statement for their UCAS application, and prove a student has made that extra effort researching a subject.


In keeping with university tutorials, class and workshop sizes are limited to twenty places, enabling participants to engage fully with the material and discussions.


The courses will begin in September 2013 at the International Students House, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN.


These short courses are delivered by highly experienced teachers, academics, Oxbridge graduates, and industry specialists.   For further details, tutor biographies and booking information navigate from the menu bar below or click on the link in the course summary.

Anthropology:  The Anthropology of Religion, Witchcraft


This four week taster course into the Anthropology of Religion aims to introduce participants to the method and theory of Anthropology through an exploration of Witchcraft in a variety of cultural settings.  The area is perhaps one of the most exotic to the Western mind with our own cultural references embedded in children’s stories, media, art, the celebration of Halloween, and inexorably linked to Christianity.  This comparative study of witchcraft beliefs and practice from around the world not only provides insight into the rationale of ‘other’ groups and societies, it also highlights the challenges and development of the discipline.

Breakthrough Coaching: Bridging the gap between 6th Form & University


This unique two-part course is designed to give students a rare opportunity to experience executive coaching first hand by focusing on some Key Strategies for Success to be emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for the transition from Sixth form to University. This Course is experiential in nature and encourages both personal enquiry and self-reflection. All students are expected to take part in individual and group exercises and participate in discussion.  This course will suit all students especially those concerned about managing their future and developing their most resourceful self to successfully navigate the transition from Sixth Form to University.  

Classics:  Love and Death in Classical Antiquity


This is a one off two hour lecture in Classical Antiquity designed to give students a taste of the breadth of the literature, myth, philosophy and social aspects of Ancient Greece and Rome at university entry level.  For students interested in the working of human society the Ancient world presents a panoramic and absorbing narrative.  Students will be given the opportunity to deconstruct the myths and images from cultures that will emerge at once totally familiar and totally alien.   Classical studies are one of the most potent pathways to understanding the extraordinary diversity of human creativity and behaviour.  To that end the focus will be on two of the most crucial concerns of human existence: Love and Death.  It will trace the thinking behind attitudes to sex, and the afterlife using texts from Homer to Dante.

Drama:  What are Drama Schools looking for?

A practical course spanning four evenings, breaking down the often mysterious Drama School audition process and equipping participants with all the tools necessary to gain a place on a full-time course at an accredited Drama School. This course culminates in the presentation of speeches and interview in front of a mock audition panel. Detailed feedback is given throughout, and two appropriately contrasting speeches will be selected for each participant.  The course is taught by professional actors and directors currently working in the industry and at Drama Schools throughout London.

Economics:  Oligolopy, Monopoly, Elasticities and Market Equilibrium


These introductory lectures are one hour long and are designed to give a taste of university lectures to students reading Economics and those who expect to take an Economics module within another degree such as Business Management.


History:  The Partition of India, a political history  &   History:  Parliamentary Reform 1832 & 1867


These unique courses will offer aspiring history undergraduates the chance to experience a short series of university style tutorials on two contrasting periods of riveting, modern political history. Encouraging a critical engagement and interactive discussion of historiographical debates and primary material beyond what is expected at A-level – the courses intend to make the step up to university study all the more easier.

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